We are zone14.

We are a team of football and sports enthusiasts
 and support Clubs in optimizing the training sessions
and to reach their goals.

Lukas Grömer

Produkt & Data Science

Simon Schmiderer

Marketing & Sales

Tobias Gahleitner

Hardware & Operations

Our vision.

More and more often, fans complain that football has lost touch with the grassroots. Players' salaries in the millions, billions in TV money flowing in, and transfer sums beyond 100 million euros. The fan is often seen only as a consumer. The gap is widening.

Although the financial resources in grassroot football are much lower compared to professional football, the desire for analysis like from TV, professionalization and constant development is greater than ever among clubs.

But the gap is also widening in professional football itself. To remain competitive, clubs are forced to apply the latest training methods, generate more data and draw conclusions from it.

At zone14, we help coaches and analysts to focus on their core competencies - improving their teams and finding creative solutions and tactics - without much effort, using state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly tools. Clubs can offer their fans an even better experience through beautiful and successful football. Become part of our journey!


We're working with great partners.

The data required for learning our algorithms comes from our partners in our customer development program, who provide hundreds of thousands of game events from thousands of games for us.

Interesse, bei zone14 dabei zu sein?

We are always looking for people to join us in democratizing video and performance analysis in football. Have a look at our job openings or just send us an email to hello@zone14.net.